Workin’ out the kinks…

As of today the new site has been up for nearly a month. It has had its challenges and rewards from a company standpoint for sure.

The first couple weeks we did not have a domino working and personalizing your dominoes was quite challenging. As a result of your feedback, we have a NEW and IMPROVED domino creator.

Your feedback through the years has given us many feature ideas which we implemented for you.

Monograms are now possible
  1. You can now change the font size with a slider, you do not need to rely on us to guess that you would rather have the name as big as possible or just a nice subtle engraving in the center.
  2. We have added some more fonts and have the ability to add more over time if that is something you want to see.
  3. Do you want something written vertically on the domino – you can now do that by rotating the text. Want a monogram – use the add more text at the top and size a center initial large. You can now design the domino that is perfect for you.
Actual Customer Domino Layout

Our philosophy is that your domino set should be as individual and personal as you are.

Please let us know where our focus should be and what needs to be fixed or changed. Your feedback is vital to us to make sure you have the dominoes you love to play with.