Where do you ship to?

Do you ship internationally – outside the USA?


We are only shipping to:

  • The 50 United States
  • U.S. Virgin Islands *This was not working, it is now fixed
  • Puerto Rico
  • APO/FPO addresses

How do I ship to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands?

When you check out, please change the first prompt in the address that says Country/Region to your location. PR and VI do not show up as state codes under the US address system because they have their own address formatting based on your home address

Why not ship to me in Canada, Trinidad or London?

The primary reason we only ship to USA and Military addresses is that we have had too many issues with dominoes not being received in a number of other countries including Canada and had to make the business decision to cancel ALL international shipping until we feel confident that items will arrive to you.

The other reason is that dominoes are heavy and the shipping charges often exceeded the actual price of the dominoes themselves. A Single set of dominoes weighs about two pounds and when you add in the box and packing materials we need to tell carriers such as UPS that it is a three pound package at minimum. To send this to

Doing the Math

For example if we sent a basic set of double 6 dominoes in the basic black box to Montreal Canada which is 1000 miles from us (the same distance as Dallas TX is from us), the base cost for the slowest delivery time for UPS is $29 USD as of the writing of this article, once duties and taxes are added the cost goes up to $45 USD. When I send the same package to Dallas TX via UPS, the cost is only $12 USD.

Will you ever ship outside the USA?

Worldwide shipping is certainly something we are exploring. Shipping prices and programs with carriers are always changing and we are keeping our eyes open for someone who can reliably and affordably get dominoes from the Midwest USA to your country.