What is a Pip?

#Dominology – Pip? What is that? Some made-up word?

What is a Pip?

Nope, a Pip is actually defined as any small easily countable object. You will see the term in reference to seeds in a fruits like apples, the dots on dice, and the small suits on the numbered playing cards. 

However we prefer to use pips to describe the dots or spots on the dominoes.Only because we LOVE dominoes. 

Here is a 10-Pip domino; call it a 10 pip domino if you are playing a game where you are counting total domino pips.  Other terms for this domino are double 5 or five-five domino. How you reference this domino differs depending upon the game you are playing.


Pips can be found in your everyday life. Try looking for them when you are doing things other than playing games. So how many identifiable pips can you spot from where you are reading this right now?


  • buttons on your remote
  • rivets on your jeans bottle caps laying around from your last round with friends.
  • keys on your keyboard
  • coins in your pocket

Play a game with the young ones in your life.

Teach a child a new term and make a game of finding pips. See how many pips they can find in the room. I will bet they find more than any adult would ever think of – and it may even keep them busy for a while – kids are funny that way.