We are still Shipping & Red backed White dominoes are coming.

With the situation worldwide, our domino stock and lead times have adjusted slightly. As the world is adjusting so are we.

To see details of what we are doing on site here, click here to see our previous post on COVID-19 https://engraveddominoes.com/covid-19-as-of-3-25-2020-we-are-still-shipping/

Three questions have been most frequently asked over the past couple of months.

  1. Are you still shipping?
  2. How long will it take to get my order?
  3. When will you get the Red backed two-tone dominoes back in stock?

YES! we are still shipping, we never stopped. Orders are taking up to 1-3 business days to engrave, paint and get into the mail. Then 2-3 business days for USPS to get them to your door.

We consider business days to be Monday through Friday so an order placed on Monday should be received by you by the following Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

As always – if you do not see an order confirmation message or shipment notification message then please check your junk or spam folder. The order confirmation comes from engraveddominoes@gmail.com and the tracking number comes from stamps.com.

The other question is about the Red and White two-tone dominoes. I just received word that they are on the boat coming from China. They are expected to dock at the end of June and after a short time in Customs should be on the way to our door.

If you wish to be notified the moment we have them back in stock click here and add your email to the notification list box located on the lower right of the page.