NS: White Double 6 Dominoes without Spinners – temporarily discontinued


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Due to COVID-19, the factory that made these dominoes went out of business.  We tried an alternate factory and the quality of the domino is not up to our standards.  

We are currently searching for a new supplier of these dominoes, until then they are temporarily discontinued from our site.

temporarily discontinued white non-spinner dominoes
temporarily discontinued white non-spinner dominoes

NS: Double 6  Tournament sized dominoes without Spinners in White

Set: Double 6 (28 dominoes)
Domino Size: Jumbo, 1.1 inches wide x 2.1 inches high x .45 inches thick
Spinners (Center brass nail on each domino front): NO Spinners.

Box: If another box is not purchased with this set, a Double 6 Black Box is included at no charge and the box label is engraved to match the domino engraving



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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 2 in