Mini Black Double 6 Dominoes


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Miniature Dominoes
Miniature Dominoes

Mini Double 6 dominoes in Black

These are Tiny dominoes: The entire set including the case will fit in a left chest pocket.  Fantastic for portability.

Don’t let the tiny size fool you, with our engraving technique, we can get a whole lot of personalization on a tiny domino.

Set: Double 6 (28 dominoes)
Domino Size: Mini, 1 inch tall x 1/2 inch wide x 1/8 inch thick
Spinners (Center brass nail on each domino front): No, they are too tiny for that

Box: They come in a mini vinyl case.  These dominoes are so small the entire case will fit in a chest pocket of a shirt.



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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × .5 in


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