Inventory issues with dominoes since COVID-19

Just like many businesses, our inventory issues began to arise in 2020. This affected so many of our domino colors and set sizes.

The factory that made many of our sets of dominoes went out of business entirely and we have been trying to find suitable alternative factories.

Domino sets affected

Primarily affected were the larger sets of double 12, double 15, and double 18. There was only one factory that made the double 15 and double 18 sets and they no longer exist. As of June 2021, there are no alternatives for the biggest sets.

Double 9 Two-Tone DominoesDouble 9 two tone dominoes are also affected by this. June 2021 has no alternative for their replacement either.

Black Double 6 DominoesDouble 6 white and black without spinners was an unexpected issue. The factory we use disappeared and the alternative we found was far less than the quality we desire to offer you. As of June 2021, we did find some stock left from the old factory and they are on the way here for the white dominoes. The black ones continue to remain out until a new factory can be located.

Dark Blue Double 6 DominoesDouble 6 dark blue without spinners were delayed getting to us for 6 months. However as of this writing they are on the way to us and should be here and on our site within the week!

Aluminum boxes were also made by the defunct factory. However we were able to find some stock of these also and they will be back on the site by the end of the week!

Even though many of the styles are having inventory issues, please be assured that we are actively seeking out new dominoes to continue to offer the variety that you are used to from!