Introducing a Bakers Dozen Domino Set

Brand new to the domino community! Why play with just a Double 12 domino set when you can expand your game to Double 13 (Bakers Dozen) at no extra charge. is introducing the bakers dozen domino set. Of course you can still play with the traditional Double 12 set simply by setting aside the extra 14 dominoes that we include.

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Not only do we include the extra dominoes, all engraved to match the Double 12 set, but we also include METAL trains instead of plastic trains and an upgraded hub for your trains to reside.

Bonus Dominoes

The set includes Dominoes dotted zero-zero (0-0) through thirteen-thirteen (13-13). This is composed of the normal Double 12 set of 91 dominoes.

As a bonus you get the additional 14 dominoes consisting of zero-thirteen (0-13) through thirteen-thirteen (13-13) as shown here.

This makes a total set size of 105 dominoes.

The domino size is called PROFESSIONAL size. The physical dimensions are 1 inch by 2 inches by .3 inches thick. See our blog post on domino sizing for additional pictures with a caliper if you would like to see how the physical sizes compare.

Our Double 12 and larger sets all include an Acrylic Train Hub pictured here. The coloring varies from a brushed silver to a brushed gold coloring.

These hubs are made in-house so we could get the perfect size for the dominoes and make the nice track pattern for your trains.

We also include EIGHT (8) METAL trains with your dominoes vs. the plastic trains that you get with most domino sets.

The OTHER GUYS hubs and trains
The “OTHER GUYS” hubs and trains

Certainly your Bakers dozen set needs a box so we have an aluminum tin hold your domino set.

Certainly your Bakers Dozen set needs a box, so we have an aluminum tin hold your domino set.

A Secret feature (not even shown here) is that we will engrave a black metal label to match the engraving on your domino and affix it to the tin.