How to order a domino with a graphic or logo

Steps at a glance

To order dominoes with a graphic or logo, it is a three step process.

  1. Send us your logo or graphic
  2. We send you a proof, if you would like any changes simply ask for them
  3. Order your dominoes Instructions are later in this post

Step 1 – Send us your logo or graphic

The reason for this is because we need to make sure that you own the rights to the graphic or logo and that the logo will work well on a domino. If we allow you to upload a logo like a major football team, this could result in major copyright violations.

By sending your logo to the email engraveddominoes [at @ sign] we can take a quick look at it and let you know if there are any issues upfront. Sometimes there are fine lines that may not show in the engraving that need to be thickened. Sometimes we have a recommendation for layout to best utilize the shape of the domino. On occasion we need to convert the graphic to a different resolution or reduce to a single color or negative of the graphic for best results.

Best things to include with your logo are what color of dominoes you are looking at so we can use the preferred color for the background. What color you would like the engraving in also so we can use your preference. Finally, if you have a name or initials you would like incorporated if you let us know the font it is helpful.

Step 2 – ask for any changes to the proof

After we receive your logo, we will send you back a proof via email. If you like the proof exactly as it is, then skip to step 3.

If you would like any changes, even small changes, then please let us know before you order the dominoes. When we get an order that references a proof, we go with the latest version of the proof that we sent you.

Things to check in the proof

  • The color of the engraving; if it is red in the proof, we will use red paint to fill the engraving. If you prefer blue, please ask for a blue proof.
  • The spelling of any names; you would be surprised how many times someone has misspelled the name they would like on their dominoes. Please check spellings.
    • Same with monograms – check the order. The name Jeffrey Keaton Smith is JKS if the initials are all the same size and JSK if the center initial is larger
  • Look at the graphic and make sure details are not missing or misaligned. This can happen because not all programs read all graphic files the same way. Many times a graphic created on a mac in AI format will look different on a PC in CDR format. We send a PDF back to you which we take care to make sure it will look the same on all computers. If there is any question on layout, we will gladly convert to a bitmap format to be 100% certain that we are both looking at the same layout for your domino.

Step 3 – How to order your dominoes

  1. Make sure you have completed Step 2 and the proof is exactly how you want your domino to look.
  2. Note the name we gave your proof: Usually the filename of the PDF we used to send it to you. For this example: Jane-Jones-Flower. Capitalization is not that important, but the name will help us look it up. If the design of the domino is unique enough like Fredert-brand, we will use that. If it a generic design we will probably incorporate your email or name in the name of the proof.
  3. Find the dominoes you would like to order. You may have told us black dominoes, but here is where you may order black double 6, black double 9, or even black back with white front dominoes. We may have included a link in your proof message if you were specific about the domino you wanted like this: 
  4. On the domino page you may notice that there is no ADD TO CART button. To activate it, all you need to do is change the text on the domino. For this example change the text to jane-jones-flower
  5. You do not need to change the color; we will use the color from the proof. However if you do want to; that is OK – just click on the little paint can and change it.
  6. Once the text is changed, the add to cart button will appear below the domino picture. Simply click on it and follow the normal e-commerce checkout processes.