Going for the gold

Closeup of Gold Metallic Paint on a Domino

What does Gold Metallic look like?  

What does that gold metallic paint really look like? How would you respond to such a question. I cannot count how many times I have been asked just this question.

To describe a color is really hard.  How do you say it is metallic, not too brown, not too yellow, kind of like a gold ring color, but not to aged.  So we tried taking pictures – lets just say not too successful?  My photography skills need work.

I tried taking pictures with my cameral and my phone and experienced mixed results. No photo showed the color and detail I was hoping to show.

Here are the stats from the video:

  • Taken on an iPhone with a 4X magnifying lens. The video has a bit of a fish eye look around the edges due to the lens.
  • Domino size is 1.1″ high by 2.2″ wide.
  • The Gold engraving is 1.5″ wide by .62″ tall
  • There is no retouching or enhancement of the video done.

If you pick the color gold for your engraving, this is the gold paint we will use. Are you ready to go for the gold on your dominoes?