ETA for Out of Stock Dominoes

I am pleased to report that some items are starting to arrive in the USA from overseas and we anticipate being able to be well stocked by the end of this quarter in dominoes.

This week we are expecting the Black backed white front dominoes as well as the sheesham wood boxes in addition to a surprise of a new shade of lighter blue to be announced.

If you would like to be notified as soon as something arrives, simply click on the link below and add your email to the notify list. That email is automatic and you will not be added to any other email lists if you put your email there.

Here are the calendars of ETA’s as of today. I will try and keep things updated as I hear of items in production, on the boats and in customs.

dominoes expected to arrive sometime in July

Dominoes expected in July

Dominoes expected in August

Dominoes expected in September