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Double 12 and Double 15 Domino set Trains and Hubs

What makes our Double 12 and 15 sets better. Many times we are asked what the difference is between our sets and sets you might find at a local box store or online.

The largest difference is that at Engraved Dominoes, we personalize your domino set with laser engraving instead of printing.

When a domino is engraved, the personalization you choose is etched into the surface. When a domino is printed, the printing is applied to the top of the surface. The Engraving gives you a permanent personalization since rubbing a domino across even the roughest of surfaces or even sandpaper will not remove the engraving from your domino.

Here is a photo of a scratched up gold domino – on the left a printed version and the right is an engraved version. If you happen to own the engraved version, you can polish the domino to remove the scratches – see our blog post on Restoration for more details: If you have the printed version, there is no way to restore the missing print.


New in June 2022; we have upgraded our trains for double 12 and double 15 sets

At Engraved Dominoes, we now have metal trains. These trains have some weight to them and are a complement to any engraved domino set.

Shown in the picture is a comparison to the metal trains next to the plastic trains that come in most off-the-shelf larger sets that have trains in them. Many of the larger sets do not even have trains.

We include a train of each color in the Double 12 sets and two trains of each color in the Double 15 sets.

New in June 2022, we have upgraded our hubs also.

We purchased some acrylic sheets and can now use the same lasers that we engraved your dominoes with to engrave and cut hubs for the larger sets. Shown in this picture is one cut from the brushed silver/black acrylic.

Our hubs are larger and thicker and have a convenient track for the trains to set on. The other hub does not have enough space if you wish to place your train on the hub itself.

At this time, we have sample sheets and will use the metallic ones first for sets. We labeled the products with the message that colors may vary for the hubs. All hubs are two colors, a thin layer on top of one color (silver in this case) and a thicker layer of a solid color that shows through the engraving (black in this case). This means that if you would prefer to play with a solid black hub – simply flip it over.