Domino cleanup and restoration (Introduction)

Domino cleanup and restoration (Introduction)

After years of use your dominoes may not look as vibrant as they did when you first took them out of the shrink wrap.  Recently I had a set come in for re-painting after someone tried to clean them with a bit of intensity.  They called because they went a little too far and did not know what to do next.

The result was that paint that was on them either chipped or came off completely while still leaving a fair amount of the dirt on the faces.

Domino transformation
Domino Transformation is Possible

In the next few blog posts, I hope to take you through the steps that I used to get from the left picture to the right picture.  

Basic summary of the steps:

1) Clean the surfaces and scrape off any flecking paint since this allows for a clean surface for new paint to adhere to.

2) Sanding and smoothing. This set did not require sanding or smoothing since there were no chips or deep scratches.

3) Painting

Disclaimer: I use no harsh products or detergents in this cleanup process. However I cannot take any responsibility if you damage your dominoes.  Please take care in this process and do not do anything you think might permanently harm your dominoes.

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