Choo Choo Sixes

Choo Choo Sixes

Choo-Choo Tutorial Instructions

Choo Choo Sixes is a variation of the traditional Domino game Mexican Train. This variation is played with a double 6 set of dominoes and two players instead of a larger set or more players. The normal Mexican Train game rules call for a double 9 or larger and can be played with more players.

Choo-Choo Equipment

Double 6 set of dominoes, and two players. If you need a double six set, you can check out ours here.

The Deal

Remove the double that starts that round, the first round starts with 6-6, then 5-5, 4-4, 3-3, 2-2, 1-1, and the last round begins with 0-0. This domino starts the Choo Choo Train or community train. Shuffle the remaining dominoes face down, and each player select 5 tiles (bones) from them. We call the remaining tiles either the boneyard, train yard or Choo Choo yard. You can call the tableau the tracks if you choose.

The Starting of the round

Place the beginning domino of the Choo Choo train (the double for that round) in the center between the two players at one edge of the table. The first player of the first round is the one with the highest double or highest pip/dot count in their hand.

The second and subsequent rounds are 
started by the player who won the last round.

The players trains will start each one to their side of the Choo Choo Train. You play dominoes on your train and the Choo Choo train unless you need to cover the double of your opponent. The goal of the round is to be the first to empty your hand of dominoes.

The Play

You build your train and the Choo Choo train both beginning with the number from the double of that round. From there you can play a domino on your train or the Choo Choo with any match.

Playing a Double: 

When you play a double domino, you get to take another turn right away. The end of the train with the double domino is considered an open train until a domino is played upon it.

As the player of the double, you get to play a 2nd domino that turn which does not need to be on your double, it can be on either your train or the Choo Choo train.

If the double was played on your train then that train is the active train. Only the Active train can have a domino played upon it until that double is covered.
No dangling doubles allowed.

In other words, your opponent must either cover the double or draw/pass. If your opponent passes, you need to cover the double. On you turn if you are unable to play you must draw a tile from the Choo Choo Yard.

  • If the drawn tile can be played it must be played.
  • If the drawn tile cannot be played your turn ends.


Play ends when someone runs out of tiles or when neither player can make a move. Each player counts the dots (pips) and adds that to their score. At the end of the 7 rounds, the low score wins.

Variations and what we do

0-0 gives extra points. Some like to play with the rule that if you have a 0-0 left in your hand it is worth either 50 or 25 points. At we only play by that rule if playing with a set that has the zeros/fronts engraved because it gives the owner of the set a psychological advantage seeing their personalization.

We love to give the advantage to our customers whenever we can!

You must announce it if you have the last tile. When you are down to 1 tile left, you must make an announcement. Failure to announce the last tile before you opponent points it out will mean that you need to draw a tile from the Choo Choo yard. does not play by this rule ever, simply because Choo Choo Sixes is only played with two people and this rarely goes unnoticed.