Chickie Sixes

Chickie Sixes is a variation of the traditional Domino game Chicken Foot played with a double 6 set of dominoes and two players.  The normal Chicken foot game rules call for a double 9 or larger and can be played with more players.


Double 6 set of dominoes, and two players.

The Deal

Shuffle your dominoes face down, and each player select 5 tiles (bones) from them.  The remaining dominoes/bones are called the boneyard or chicken/chickie yard.  You can call the tableau the barnyard if you choose.

The Starting of the round

The first round starts with a double 6 domino/bone. If no double-6 is held, then the next highest double may be played. The second round starts with double 5 or next double down, and so on.  The final round will start with double 0.

If there is no playable double held, draw a tile and play if possible, pass if no play is still possible.  Continue until someone has drawn an appropriate starting double.

The Play

The starting chickie yard must be a PLUS sign, no other play is possible until all four arms are played. 

After all 4 arms of the starting double dominoes are played then you may play any tile you have on any of the arms matching dominoes in the usual manor.

Playing a Double: When you play a double domino, you call out Chickie + the number on the domino. Dominoes can only be played on the chickie foot until the foot is complete. A completed foot consists of three toes. See picture for an example of a Chickie-6. 

If you are unable to play you must draw a tile from the chickie yard, if that tile can be played it must be played.  If the drawn tile cannot be played your turn ends.


Play ends when someone runs out of tiles, or when a Chickie Foot cannot be completed due to all the required tiles having been played already.

Each player counts the dots (pips) and adds that to their score.  At the end of the 7 rounds, the low score wins.

Variations and what we do

Instead of allowing alternate starting doubles, if nobody was dealt the required initial double for this round, players draw from the chickie yard until it is found.

We at play without this variation for no reason other than preference.

Some like to play with a 0-0 left in the hand worth either 50 or 25 points.

At will only play by that rule if playing with a set that has the zeros/fronts engraved because it gives the owner of the set a psychological advantage seeing their personalization.  We love to give the advantage to our customers whenever we can!

If you have 1 tile left you must announce it, failure do do so before your opponent points this out means you need to draw from the chickie yard. does not play by this rule ever, simply because Chickie Sixes is only played with two people and this rarely goes unnoticed.