Ambigram Dominoes

ambigram dominoes
Ambigram Dominoes

For years we were known for our Ambigram dominoes. An ambigram is a something that is readable from different perspectives. In the case of dominoes you can read the domino both upside right and upside down.

You can see a detailed explanation of ambigrams on the WIKI page

What Happened to the Domino Creator?

In 2015 there was an issue with the site for the company that created our ambigrams for the dominoes and that site went down for a while.

Click here to leave our site to read the blog post about this if you want more details

At this point in time the links from our site to his to create Ambigram dominoes went down also.

He now has a brand new awesome site up and running but there is no direct link anymore between our two sites.

How Can I get Ambigram dominoes?

Of course you can still get your ambigram dominoes. It is a two-step process, first you create your ambigram on the flipscript site, then order your dominoes and send us the ambigram via email.

Step 1 – Create an ambigram

  1. Go to and create your Ambigram and have the Ambigram eBook emailed to you via pdf.
change text
Change text to ambigram and color to desired color for ambigram

Step 2 – Order your Dominoes

2. Order a set of dominoes (any dominoes) from our site and put into the engraving area “AMBIGRAM”. You can select any color dominoes and choose the engraving color using

the button pictured here. Both the dominoes and your box will be engraved with the Ambigram selected.

  • Make sure to forward a copy of the PDF you receive along with the page number of the ambigram you like to us so we can extract your Ambigram and engrave it on the dominoes. Please also let us know which one is your preference – the only ones that do not work are the round ones because dominoes are rectangular. The one or two lines ones both will work just fine – including those with “AND” in them.

I know that a multiple step process is inconvenient, The results are a fantastic set of dominoes so worth the extra step.

ANDY / BONES ambigram
ANDY / BONES ambigram proof in both outline and solid formats

What ambigrams should I try on my dominoes

Try your name, your nickname and hobbies. Need more inspiration? Pair these words with your name or each other.